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FLI Rigging is here to support you with an extensive  rigging inventory. Our
equipment is meticulously maintained to ensure maximum performance every time.
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FLI Rigging has an extensive inventory of truss, motors, control systems,
and rigging hardware available for rent.
We stock equipment in multiple sizes, lengths, and capacities.

Our equipment reliability is second to none.
Every component is carefully inspected, tested, and maintained after each
use to meet our rigorous standards for safety and quality.

Our Rental Inventory Includes:
• Truss of all sizes and lengths, standard and custom
• Chain hoists of various weight capacities and chain lengths
• Complete power and control systems
• Rigging accessories and hardware including:
Wire Rope Slings, Deck Chain, Beam Clamps, Shackles, Sheaves, Rope, Roundslings


• Stage Productions
• Special Events
• Concerts
• Trade Shows
• Corporate Functions
• Sporting Events
• Film Production
• Permanent Installation
• Design Consultation to Architects