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FLI Rigging sells new and preowned rigging equipment at a competitive price.
It’s meticulously inspected to ensure it meets industry standards.
Contact our Sales Department for more information.


We offer new and pre-owned equipment for sale at competitive rates.
Contact us for pricing on: truss, motors, cases, hardware and more. 
Our pre-owned equipment is inspected and tested after each use and 
before each sale to meet industry standards and your satisfaction.

Other items include:

Chainfalls Motor Control Power & Control Distribution Wire Rope Slings Spansets Shackles Pear Rings Fall Arrest Systems Rope Beam Clamps Wire Rope Ladders
Laser Tools Floor Bases Chain Bags Harnesses Lanyards Roundslings Deck Chain Pulleys Chain Hoist Parts Cheeseboroughs Pipe Sheaves


• Stage Productions
• Special Events
• Concerts
• Trade Shows
• Corporate Functions
• Sporting Events
• Film Production
• Permanent Installation